I added the Triple Lag Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because lag is so important to a good golf swing.

Triple Lag Drill

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2 minutes

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The Triple Lag Drill will teach you how to get your lag back (how to stop casting and losing your lag). You’ll feel lagalicious! And best of all it only takes 5 minutes. If you like this drill, you might also like the Create Lag Drill: Phil Michelson Lag Formula and Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Left Hand Only Swings
If you want to swing like a 25 handicapper, use your right hand during your swing. All Tour Pros predominately use their left hand during their swings. Take your right hand off the club and make some swings (see the image below).

With these simple “left hand only” swings you’ll immediately feel and look like a Tour Pro. Make sure to keep your wrist and arms soft throughout the swing. All great golf swings are left-arm dominant (if you’re a right-handed player).

If you watch Tour Pros on TV when they are waiting for the group in front of them to move on, you’ll often see them swinging with only their “left hand”. You’ll never see a tour pro doing one-hand swings with their right hand!

The “left arm only swings” will give you more lag than you know what to do with. No matter how old you are, you’ll be able to triple your lag by swinging with only your left arm.

Triple Lag Golf Drill Left Arm Only Swings

Step 3: Burn The Lag Position Into Your Subconscious
Use your powerful subconscious by looking at the lag positions of Tour Pros (see images below).

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