I added the Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because lag is so important to a good golf swing.

Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill: Lagalicious

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The Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill will teach you how to get your lag back. You’ll feel lagalicious, and best of all it only takes 2 minutes. If you like this drill, you might also like the Create Lag Drill: Phil MIchelson Lag Formula.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Shaft Touches Neck On Backswing
With a driver, make your backswing and touch the shaft against your neck (see image below). Notice that the club is parallel to the ground. Bend your lead arm on purpose. Once you feel the club touching your neck, hit the shot.

Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill

The reason the “shaft on neck” will give you perfect lag is that the “bent” lead arm is relaxed (most golfers are way too tense with their lead arm at the top of the backswing).

Step 3: Lag Position
Without thinking, when the club resting on your neck, you’ll naturally move your lower body first which creates the tour pro lag angle on the downswing (see images below).

Lag Position: Tour Pro

Get Lag In 2 Minutes Drill

Lag Position: Tour Pro

Create Lag Drill

Lag Position: Phil Mickelson

Create Lag Drill Phil Mickelson

Lag Position: Long Drive Champ

Create Lag Drill

Lag Position: Ben Hogan 

Create Lag Drill Ben Hogan

Step 4: Normal Shots
Hit normal shots by almost touching your neck, but don’t quite touch it. Remember to keep your arms relaxed. Having relaxed arms is one of the secrets to great golf.¬†

Step 5: Competitive Practice
Spend 5 to 15 minutes doing the Get Lag Drill. If you’re doing this at home, use a mirror so you can see the correct positions.

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George Watts

This post was lovingly morphed into reality by George. George is a scratch golfer, yoga teacher, and creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner which has 500+ golf practice drills to choose from. Drills are the best way to train the body to move naturally and athletically.