I added the Lightning Hands For More Distance Golf Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because you’re gonna love how simple it is.

Lightning Hands For More Distance Golf Drill

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15 minutes

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If you want more distance and accuracy, let’s get you striking your shots so pure that you experience an amazing pop off the clubface.

Most amateurs have slow hands through the hitting zone. In this drill, you’re going to get your hands lightning fast with forearm rotation that will replace the dreaded chicken wing with more distance and accuracy.

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Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Understand The Thigh To Thigh Lightning Release Concept

If you want more power it’s crucial to increase your hand speed through impact. Most amateurs have slow hands (a.ka. the holding on move) through impact.

Holding on, trying to keep the clubface really square through impact, is a death move. Instead, you want to get the clubface released as quickly as you can from thigh to thigh. The release should start on your right thigh and end on your left thigh. That’s a tiny part of the swing which is why the release has to be lightning-fast. You don’t have enough time to go slow!

Start the release from the right thigh (see the image below).

Lightning Hands For More Distance Golf Drill Step 2

Finish the release just past the left thigh (see the image below).

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