I added the Club Face Alignment Setup Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because it’s one of the quickest and easiest drills to improve your scoring.

Club Face Alignment Setup Drill

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15 minutes

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The Club Face Alignment Setup Drill will teach you to have your clubface slightly open at address. If you like this setup drill you might like the Avoid Common Setup Mistakes Drill and the Stare At The Target Glance At The Ball Setup Drill.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Set Up With The Clubface Slightly Open
All tour pros set up with the clubface slightly open (approximately 3 degrees open). Most amateurs, however, do the exact opposite. Most amateurs set up with the clubface slightly closed.

So, why do pros set up with their clubface open? Well, because the clubface isn’t set up on the ball, it’s set up behind the ball. The clubface swings on an arc, which means when you hit the ball your clubface will be closed to what you had it address.

If you set up with the clubface closed at the address you’ll need to hold off at impact to prevent a pull or hook.

Step 3: Competitive Practice
Hit 10 balls with the ball slightly open at address. Give yourself one point each time you remember to do it.

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George Watts

This post was lovingly morphed into reality by George. George is a scratch golfer, yoga teacher, and creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner which has 500+ golf practice drills to choose from. Drills are the best way to train the body to move naturally and athletically.