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The Golf Drills Practice Planner was created for nerdy, OCD amateur golfers who hate losing, and instinctively know that every practice shot counts. Create practice plans quickly and easily, and choose from 500+ practice drills.

Drills are the best way to train your body to unlock your best-golfing self, whether that means breaking 70, beating your playing partners, winning a monthly medal, or playing pain-free.


Dear fellow nerdy, OCD golfer,

Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone About My Shocking Nerdy Secret…

secret success golf formula

After relentlessly observing and picking the brains of my PGA European Tour Pro brother, and dozens of his Tour Pro buddies, I discovered their top-secret GOLF SUCCESS FORMULA and stole it.


I know. I know. I feel awful about revealing the secret, but my scorecard doesn’t.

Just in case you’re in a rush, the success formula is:

Create a simple practice plan and track your progress.

That’s it.

Mindlessly whacking balls on the range, is guaranteed to fail.

Those two ridiculously quick and easy steps are all your need to unlock the secrets within the mind and soul of Tour Pros.  

Cultivate Your Inner OCD Nerd

golfing nerds are the new cool

My brother played on the PGA European Tour in the 1990s. I remained an amateur (with a scratch handicap).  

After a 20-year break, I took the game up again in my 40’s. Since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours burning the midnight oil creating the Golf Drills Practice Planner. I originally created it for myself so I could practice like my OCD pro bro. 

The seed for the Planner was planted in the late 1990s when I caddied for my pro bro in several PGA Golf Tour events and discovered that most of his fellow tour pros were also “off-the-scale” obsessive-compulsives.

It occurred to me that the ones who were missing the OCD gene didn’t stay on tour for long, because the only way to compete in an Uber competitive environment is to be constantly looking for ways to improve (constant and never-ending improvements).

The good news is that you don’t need to have OCD to play good golf.

You can imitate OCD by creating golf practice plans quickly and easily using the Golf Drills Practice Planner.

“So, George, why the heck are you sharing your Golf Drills Practice Planner with your fellow nerdy, amateur golfers?”

Good question!

I’m sharing the Planner because it peeves me that 99% of amateur golfers play woefully short of their potential because they don’t practice with a plan, and don’t track their practice progress. 

Every Shot Counts: A Cosy Bedfellow

You don’t have to spend 200+ hours creating the Golf Drills Practice Planner. I’ve done that for you. You only need to use it. And when you use it, you’ll quickly discover that it is a cosy bedfellow for the “Every Shot Counts” book by Mark Broadie, which is a revolutionary new approach to the game of golf.

After completing Mark’s book, I sat down, with a cup of Earl Grey tea in hand, and asked myself this question…

“Mark Broadie has created a revolutionary new approach to golf on the course. So, umm, should I create a revolutionary new approach to practising”?

The answer that came whizzing back to me was, “Yes”! 

The Golf Drills Practice Planner is now used by hundreds of nerdy, OCD amateur golfers to create quick and easy golf practice plans and track their practice progress. 

Ask yourself this question…


“Am I Ready To Practice Like A Pro?”



If your answer was, “Yes“, you’ll want to know how to get the Golfing Gods on your side.



The Golfing Gods


Watching endless Youtube videos of golf drills are scientifically proven to NOT improve your game!

Don’t believe me?

Okay, then do this…

Get up from your chair. Walk to the nearest mirror. Look into it. Ask yourself this question:

Has my golf game improved since watching 342 golf drills Youtube videos in the past year?

The answer will be a thunderous, “No!”

The problem with just watching Youtube videos is that you’re missing the two vital ingredients of the Golf Success Formula –  a practice plan and tracking your practice progress.

golfing gods

The good news is that the moment you start using practice plans, and track your progress, the Golfing Gods will take a peek at you from within their puffy white clouds and be tricked into thinking that you’re a Tour Pro.

The Golfing Gods will look down at you and say something like…

“That person practises like a Tour Pro, so I will be a good Golfing God and improve their scores.” 


Drill Time

golf practice drill time

The Golf Drills Practice Planner has 500+ golf practice drills and games to help all areas of your golf game. Drills are the best way to train the body to move like a Tour Pro.

If you practice like a pro, it’s a mathematical certainty that you’ll start playing better golf and lowering your scores. 

Good golfers aren’t born with a mysterious talent. There isn’t a golf gene embedded in a good player’s DNA. There are no shortcuts in golf. You can’t fake it to make it. The course, and Golfing Gods, know if you have created a “practice plan”, put in “drill time”, and “tracked” your practice progress. 

It will take drill time to improve your golf game. 

Unfocused practise, practising without drills, is a superb way of ingraining faults and becoming worse.

If you’ve been playing for years, and not seeing improvement, I would bet my house that it’s not down to being robbed of the golf gene in your DNA, but due to practising without drills. 


Top 7 Benefits Of Golf Practice Drills 


There are many benefits, but here are the top seven:

  1. Simulate the pressure of competitive golf
  2. Practice becomes fun
  3. Practice with a purpose
  4. Practice the right body movements (no guesswork)
  5. Reproduce the feeling when on the course
  6. The subconscious mind takes over when you’re on the golf course
  7. Drills allow you to enter the zone when in competition

The most important benefit of drills is that they simulate the pressure of competitive golf. This comes straight from the lips of Jack Nicklaus.


Jack Nicklaus Competitive Practice Drill


Each drill simulates competition.

And I’ve made sure that each drill would receive an approving nod from my brother (ex European Tour pro) and Jack Nicklaus.





golf drills practice planner


Step one is to open up the Planner and copy a drill. To get a feel for what drills to expect, here are lots of free golf practice drills that you can access now for free.

The Planner categories: 

  • Golf Fitness
  • Long Game
  • Mind Game
  • Putting
  • Wedge Play

The 3 Planner columns: 

  • Type (e.g. W is for “Wedge Play)
  • Drill (steps and video)
  • Notes (keep track of progress)


golf drills practice planner score card


Step two is to copy and paste one of the 500+ golf practice drills from the Planner into the Practice Score Card (golf practice plan). You can add your own notes (e.g. for practice outcomes and golf diary).


printable golf practice plans

Step three is to print the Practice Score Card and put it in your back pocket (or download the Practice Score Card to your phone or tablet).

Now all you need to do is enjoy the feeling of practising like a pro!

The good news is that many of the drills can be done at home, so if you haven’t got time to go to the course, or practice ground, you can still fit in some quality practice in your living room.


Did Sir Nick Faldo Retweet One Of The Golf Drills On This Site?

Yes! I was drinking a cup of just-made, piping hot tea at the time, and almost spilt it over my lap when I saw the retweet from Sir Nick Faldo’s Twitter account (see screenshot below). He retweeted our Nick Faldo Shot Nicknames Drill, which happens to be one of my favourite drills. It’s pure genius! Seriously. It’s a drill that takes effort, but the payoff is huge. A truly great drill from the greatest British golfer of all time. Sir Nick Faldo also liked our One Club Challenge Run Drill.

nick faldo golf drill


Who is the Planner useful for? 

It’s useful for nerdy, OCD amateur golfers who hate losing. It can also be used by club pros who give regular golf lessons (provide golf practice plans to their students).

Who is the Planner NOT useful for? 

The Planner is utterly useless for anyone who isn’t a nerd. How do you know if you’re a nerd or not? If you’re a nerd, you’ll know. The memories of yourself studying while others played will be burned into your soul.

Can I see some examples of drills that are in the Planner? 

Yes. Lots of the drills within the Golf Drills Practice Planner are available for free on my blog. I hope you like them.

Who created the Planner? 

George Watts is the creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner. He played college golf in the 1990s at TWU. His brother, Carl Watts, was a PGA European Tour Player. His father built a golf range when he was a kid. George has spent many hours burning the midnight oil creating the Planner. He originally created the planner for himself.

Can I really make improvements by only practising for 15 minutes a day?

Fifteen minutes following a proven golf drill will produce better results than 15 months of mindlessly beating balls on the range. So, yes, if you focus 100% on the drill during those 15 minutes you’ll be improving your game.

Will the Planner save me the cost of golf lessons?  

No. If you’re serious about getting better, you will need to get lessons from your club’s pro. The Planner will help you get the most out of your lessons, by creating lesson plans and tracking your practice progress. I recommend you get lessons from your pro and let him (or her) know that you’re using the Planner (they can help you select the drills).

Can juniors use the Planner? 

Yes! Juniors instinctively know the magic of “drills”, and will very quickly make improvements.

Can PGA tour pros use the Planner? 

Yes. But the Planner was designed for nerdy, OCD amateur golfers. The drills come directly from tour pros and their coaches. Tour pros usually find golf fitness drills the most valuable.

Will I need to buy any expensive equipment for the drills?


How long will it take me to go from golfing dud to golfing stud? 

The typical answer would be, “depends on your talent”, but that is 100% wrong. It depends if you’re practising like the pros (creating practice plans and tracking your practice progress).

Is the Planner a downloadable resource? 

Yes. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download so you can get started immediately after ordering (the planner is an MS word document).

What happens when I purchase?

Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to the Thank You page where you can access the Golf Drills Practice Planner, as well as the bonuses.

Do you add new drills?

Yes. My mission is to provide golfers of all abilities (pro and amateur) with a tool to help get the most out of their practice sessions. Each month I update the Golf Drills Practice Planner so that you have fresh, new practice drills to use.




Bonus 1
Practice Drills Scorecard
(Excel Spreadsheet)

Golf Practice Drills Scorecard Excel

The Golf Drills Practice Planner has 500+ drills, and each drill has a game that requires you to keep score.

The good news is that the Planner also comes with an excel spreadsheet where you can quickly and easily keep track of all the practice drills you have completed and your scores (each drill is a game that allows you to keep score).


Bonus 2
Tournament Play Scorecard
(Excel Spreadsheet)

Tournament Play Scorecard Excel Spreadsheet

I created the “Tournament Golf Scores Tracker” (excel document) to keep track of my scores for all the amateur tournaments I enter. I got the idea from my brother, Carl Watts, who used to be a Tour player on the European PGA Tour.

I’m very excited to be sharing it with you.

Warning! If you’re NOT a nerd, you will hate this product. But if you’re a fully-fledged, die-hard, glasses-wearing nerd (like me) you’re gonna love it.





Step one is after you’ve played a tournament, to open up the excel document.


Step two is to input the 31 data points for the 18 holes you’ve just played.

The 31 Data Points: 

  • Date of the tournament
  • Tournament name
  • Course name
  • Par for the course
  • Score
  • Score to par
  • Fairways missed left
  • Fairways missed right
  • Fairways hit
  • How many times you couldn’t get to the green
  • Fairway hit percentage
  • How many times have you ended up short of the green
  • How many times have you ended up over the green
  • How many times have you finished left of the green
  • How many times have you fished right of the green
  • How many greens did you hit in regulation
  • How many times have you got up and down
  • Up and down percentage
  • Sand saves
  • Sand save percentage
  • Putts
  • Average putt distance in feet
  • Total footage of putts holed
  • Birdies made
  • Pars made
  • Bogies made
  • Double bogies (or worse) made

You obviously don’t have to input all the data after every round. It’s up to you. The nerdier you are, the more data you’ll feel compelled to add.


Step three is to keep an eye on the data.

Once you’ve added the data (e.g. greens hit), the excel formula instantly provides your “greens in regulation” percentage (e.g. 77.78%).

Each of the 31 data points will be tracked over time (e.g. if you played four rounds of 82, 83, 80 and 79, the excel formula will automatically track that your average score is 81).



Bonus 3
18 Hole Scorecard

18 Hole Golf Scorecard PDF


The 18-hole scorecard is a PDF that you can print, fold, put in your back pocket, and take with you during practice and tournament rounds. You’ll be able to track your score, fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts.


Bonus 4
DIY Golf Hypnosis Kit
(PDF + Audiobook)


DIY Golf Hypnosis Kit

This bonus includes an eBook (PDF) and audiobook with all the steps you need to create your own golf hypnosis audio.

Commercial hypnosis audios are fine in the beginning, but a better way, by far, is for you to make your own personal tape.

You can have greater success in doing this, and the advantages of learning the process will definitely outweigh any of those offered by purchased audio. Recording your own audio takes less than one hour and is more effective because you program it to your specific needs. By making your own audio you will also learn more about the art and science of self-hypnosis.

The art of self-hypnosis concerns the timing, the tone, and the delivery, going too fast or too slow, being too forceful or too meek. The science of making a self-hypnosis tape consists of a simple three-part formula: entering self-hypnosis, the cycle of suggestion and visualization exercises, and the wake-up procedure.

You will be learning as you are doing, and you will better understand self-hypnosis as you practice it. After all, you only truly learn by doing – experience is the best teacher.

You can read volumes on how to drive a car, for example, but you‘ll never really learn until you start driving. The car won‘t move by itself. You have to get in, turn the key, move into gear, and then go. The theory is fine, but there is no substitute for practical experience.

You’ll discover the 3 steps for making a golf hypnosis audio:

Step 1: Guiding 
Begin the audio with suggestions guiding you into self-hypnosis. Some people call this achieving alpha, and others call it centring.

Step 2: Personalised Script
Add your personalized script. Here is where you plant the seeds of tomorrow‘s effortless round of golf, where you are building your new reality and creating your own golfing miracles.

Step 3: Wake Up
Complete your audio with a wake-up proce­dure. Some people call this returning to everyday aware­ness or coming back to beta level‖ At this point you may insert suggestions for automatically going into regular nighttime sleep.



Bonus 5
Play Golf The Buddha Way
(PDF eBook)

Play Golf The Buddha Way

I wrote this book for a bit of fun because being a Yoga teacher, I liked the idea of creating a yogic golf story that would help to tap into our subconscious brain when standing over the ball.

Perhaps How To Play Golf The Buddha Way will be the first book on the spiritual aspect of golf you‘ve ever read. More likely, however, you have leafed through quite a few other books in search of the secret to unlocking your potential on the golf course.

I bet very few of those books have provided you with the answers. Why, then, should you take this book seriously?

The information you will find in ‘How To Play Golf The Buddha Way’ is not designed to tell you something you don‘t already know. It‘s merely a journey that may help you uncover the truth – that you already know how to unleash the pro within.

Buddhism teaches how to access your compassion, generosity, tolerance, selflessness, and self–awareness. These are also qualities that will improve your golf.


Bonus 6
Golf Walking Meditations: Get Into The Zone
(MP3 Audios)

6 Golf Walking Meditations


I’m a Yoga teacher. So, for a bit of fun, I recorded a series of six walking meditations for my own golf game, and now I’d like to share them with you.

Each meditation comes with an audio and PDF (script of the meditation). Each meditation is approximately 15 minutes long. Listen at home, in bed, or in between shots when walking on the golf course.

Benefits Of Walking Meditations For Golfers

  • Walking between shots is where the inner game is won or lost
  • Effortlessly train your mind to enter the peak performance zone
  • Quickest and easiest way to improve your golf game
  • Enjoy your golf more

If you’re a golfer you’ve probably never done walking meditations before. Doing a walking meditation while you’re out on the golf course is the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to improve your golf and sanity on the golf course.

Here’s why…

The walk between shots is the most crucial part of your golf game!

Swinging the club takes two seconds. That means ninety seconds out of the four hours you spend on the golf course is spent swinging a club. That means a golfer spends 160 times more time walking than swinging a club. That means a golfer spends 99.937% of the time walking and 0.063% swinging a club. This huge about of time spent walking between shots is why golf is the most mental of all sports. There’s so much time between shots to get distracted and dwell on bad shots which is what the untrained golfer’s mind loves to do.



Golf Drills Practice Planner For Nerds



George Watts
Creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner
Nerdy Golfer, Artist & Yoga Teacher

George Watts Signature


P.S. The Golf Drills Practice Planner is free if you become a member.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please email me.

P.P.P. S. Remember, you’re not only getting the Golf Drills Practice Planner, but also six bonuses valued at £97.