I added the Create Lag Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because lag is so important to a good golf swing.

Create Lag Drill: Phil Michelson Lag Formula

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The Create Lag Drill: Phil Michelson Lag Formula will teach you how to lag the club like the pros. I’m a big fan of Phil’s, and no one lags it more than he does.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: No Wrist Set On The Backswing
I bet you’ve been trying to get a sharp angle with the wrists on the backswing and maintaining that on the downswing. That, however, won’t get as much lag as you deserve.

You actually need to do the opposite of that. The goal of this drill is to have almost “no wrist set in the backswing”.

By having no wrist set in the backswing, you’re going to generate a big shoulder turn and arm swing. Almost like a Jon Rahm, where at the top of your swing the club is straight up instead of parallel (see image below).

Create Lag Drill

You want to feel like the club never sets like Jon Rahm (see image below). If you swinging inside your house, you’d pop the clubface through the ceiling.

Top Of Backswing: Club Never Sets

Create Lag Drill

Jon Rahm: Top Of Backswing

Create Lag Drill

Step 3: Max Lag Position: Downswing
Feel the sharpening of the lag as you start the downswing. Tour pros max out their “lag” (max lag position) when the left arm is parallel to the ground (see images below).

Max Lag Position: Average Tour Pro

Create Lag Drill Phil Michelson Lag Formula

Max Lag Position: Phil Mickelson

Create Lag Drill Phil Mickelson

Max Lag Position: Long Drive Champ

Lag Position Golf Long Drive Champion

Max Lag Position: Ben Hogan 

Golf Lag Position Ben Hogan

Club Hits You On The Back Of The Shoulder
When you’re in the Max Lag Position, you want to feel like the club is hitting you on the back of the shoulder (see the image below). You will not hit the back of your shoulder, but you want to feel like you will.

If you hit the top of the shoulder you’re too steep! A lot of players make the “too steep” mistake.

Create Lag Drill Club Hits Shoulder

Step 4: Competitive Practice
Spend 5 to 15 minutes doing the Create Lag Drill. If you’re doing this at home, use a mirror so you can see the correct positions.

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