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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this site for?

Anyone who wants to practice “smart”, like the pros. 

what's George's crazy golfing golf?

George, a slightly unhinged 44 year old British bloke going through a mid-life crises, has an itch to make good on his hibernating golf talent. His crazy golfing goal is to go from not having played golf 20+ years, to qualifying for the Senior Staysure Golf Tour (UK) in 2027. Yes. You’re absolutely correct. He’s got more chance of jumping through the eye of needle. 

What kinds of golf practice plans do you have?

You name it, and I’ve created a lesson plan for it: Golf fitness practice plans. Short game practice plans. Long game practice plans. Tour pro mind fitness practice plans. 

can I have an online lesson from you?

Only if you have a ridiculous, crazy golfing goal, like try to get on the senior tour by 2026. 

Send George A Message

If you have a request for a new golf practice plan, or a request equally as cunning, stop reading this. Send me an email. 

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