Reading Greens Using Rulers


This Reading Greens Using Rulers putting drill is from the Golf Practice Planner.

Reading Greens Using Rulers Putting Drill

Putting Practice Drills

2 out of 10

15 minutes

Rulers. Rubber Disc. Putter. 1 hole. 1 ball. Golf Practice Planner.

This drill will teach you how to read a putt like the pros using rulers.¬†Using the rulers during your putting practice will help you visualise the line when you’re on the course. With this drill, you’ll learn how to pick your “start line” and the “where the ball starts to track” towards the hole. If you can match line and pace you’ll hole a lot more putts!

Using “rulers” to line up the putt is like the shot tracers you see on TV. Having such a visual representation of the “start line” and “track line” will train you to see these lines when on the course.

Top Putting Practice Tip: Never hit the ball in practice from the same place twice in a row because it causes manipulations. You only get “one go” on the course, so practice having only “one go” in practice.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.

Step 2: 20-Foot Putt
Pace out a 20-foot putt. Understand that the make percentage on tour for a 20-foot putt is only 14%. It’s also roughly the first length putt for all golfers (amateurs and pros). So, if you make 2 out of 10 from 20-feet, that’s Jordan Spieth level!

An average club level golfer (a 17 handicapper) from 20 feet will 3 putt 1 in 4 because they under-read the putt which causes the ball to go 3+ feet wide and/or long. So, if you’re going to make a mistake on the read, make it on the “high side”.

Step 3: Read
Go through your routine to read the putt. If you haven’t got a green-reading routine, then take a peek at the AimPoint Express Putting Drill. You might also like the putting hypnosis drill to get into the zone and the distance control putting drill to banish 3 putts.

Step 4: Set Rulers Along The Start Line
The “start line” is where you want the ball to start. If you have one foot of right to left break (like the putt in the video), set the rulers along the line. If the putt slopes more, you’d move the “start line” more to the right. If the putt slopes less, you’d move the “start line” more to the left.

simple technique for reading greens using rulers

Step 5: Place Disc On Track Spot
Once you’ve identified the “start line”, you now need to know “where the ball is going to track towards the hole”. The “track line” is where the ball will leave the “start line”. The more break there is, the earlier it will leave the start line. The less break there is, the later it will leave the start line. Place the rubber disc at the track spot.

Step 6: Place Rulers On Track Line
Place rulers along the “track line”.

Step 7: Keep Score
Keep score. Hit 10 puts from 20 feet. If you make 2 or more putts, you’ve morphed into Jordan Spieth!

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