I added the Dustin Johnson Swing Trigger Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because it is the quickest and easiest drill to swing athletically that I’ve ever come across.

Dustin Johnson Swing Trigger Drill

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15 minutes

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The Dustin Johnson Swing Trigger Drill will teach you to start your swing naturally and athletically like Dustin.  This is very similar to the Start From The Finish Drill.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Push Weight Left To Swing Right (slam ball)
Hold something heavy (e.g. a 10kg slam ball or kettlebell). Move the slam ball left (towards the target) before swinging it back. This is also what a baseball pitcher does (have their weight on the left before moving to the right). This “left to right” movement is very athletic.

Dustin Johnson Swing Trigger Drill

You can also get the same feeling by doing the Xander Schauffele Step Drill. Address the ball with your feet together (your body mass is forward), step right, then step left to hit the shot with all your weight on the left foot). 

Step 3: Push Weight Left To Swing Right (normal swing)
With a club in hand. To start the swing, move your weight left first before moving the club back (same feeling as you had in step 2 with the slam ball).

Below are three main methods of moving your weight left.

Method 1: Hands Forward
Push your hands forward (like Dustin Johnson), then immediately start the backswing.

Method 2: Body Weight Left
Feel your weight moving onto your left foot (like Lee Trevino), then immediately start the backswing. 

Method 3: Last Look
Take a last look at the target (looking at the target will move your weight left), then immediately start your backswing.

You could combine 2 or all 3 methods into your routine. For example, you might like method 2 (bodyweight left) and method 3 (last look).

Step 4: Competitive Practice
Experiment with the three methods. Find one you like the most, then do 10 “Swing Trigger” shots.

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