I added the Simon Dyson Single Leg Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because it’s one of those perennial, evergreen drills that never goes out of fashion. Simon Dyson was a star on the European Tour and is now a golf coach. This drill is his secret sauce for brilliant balance.

Simon Dyson Single Leg Drill

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5 minutes

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The Simon Dyson Single Leg Drill will improve your balance.

It’s the go-to drill that Simon Dyson used when he was an amateur to stop swaying. With the “sway”, when his timing was off, he could spray the ball all over the place, especially under pressure. This drill also stops you from getting onto your left side too fast (stop early extension).


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Practice Swings Standing On Right Foot
Stand on your right foot, and make some practice swings. The left toes can touch the ground to give you some balance. Feel your torso more “over the ball” (most golfers put too much pressure on their heels at address).

All the weight is on the right leg.

Simon Dyson Single Leg Balance Drill

Practice with gentle 3/4 swings.

simon dyson single leg drill

As you hit the ball you’ll feel yourself opening up, getting the body facing the target (instead of the dreaded early extension).

Simon Dyson Single Leg Anti Early Extension Drill

Notice the arms aren’t in a high finish, which is a clear indication that the drill has used the “body” correctly. You will see this low finish with players like Tommy Fleetwood. The club never gets away from him. He looks in total control. You can’t get your body any more “open” and facing that target than this!

It’s the polar opposite of the “early extension position” (see images below).

anti early extension drill

anti early extension golf drill

Step 3: Hit Shots On Right Foot
Do 10 Simon Dyson Single Leg shots. Give yourself one point each time you perform a shot on a single leg.


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