I added the Simon Dyson Cack Handed Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because it’s Simon’s favourite drill of all time. He says it changed his career. It’s also a go-to drill for Matthew Fitzpatrick.

Simon Dyson Cack Handed Drill

Long Game Practice Drills

8 out of 10

5 minutes

Any golf club. Golf ball. Golf Practice Planner.

The Simon Dyson Cack Handed Drill does several really good things for your swing.

Firstly, it will keep your left arm straight, and tuck your right elbow in on the backswing.

Secondly, it is impossible to “overswing” (shortens your swing).

Thirdly, when coming down to impact, you will automatically put your hands into the same position they were in at the address position. If you have “high hands” at impact, this is the drill for you. It will keep your hands nice and low at impact.

Fourthly, you will finish rotated and open to the target.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.


Step 2: Cack-Handed Chip Shots
Grip the club as if you’re going to hit a left-handed shot (cack-handed). Hit some chip shots. Hitting chip shots will prepare you for the full swing shots. This is a hard drill. It will take time to get good at it. Be patient.

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