I added the Golf Transition Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because the transition is the magic move in the golf swing.

Golf Transition Drill

Long Game Practice Drills

6 out of 10

5 minutes

Any golf club. Golf ball. Golf Practice Planner.

The Golf Transition Drill will teach you how to transition like the pros.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Pause At The Top
You’re probably not going to hit good shots with this drill. That’s okay. This drill is designed to help change your thoughts. Choose an iron club or driver. Take your backswing and pause at the top (see image below).

Golf Transition Drill

Step 3: Think Hips & Legs On The Downswing
While you’re paused at the top of the swing, in your mind switch your thoughts to your “hips and legs” to make the club come down to impact. This will train you to stop hitting from the top of the swing. Good players use their hips and legs in the transition. Poor players don’t use their hips and legs in the transition.

Step 4: Hesitate At The Top
Once you’ve got used to pausing at the top of the swing, switch from “stop” to a “hesitation” (only pause for a fraction of a second). 

Top Transition Tip: To get the feeling of the correct transition pick up a golf ball and throw it (see image below). You will naturally transition perfectly.

Golf Transition Drill

When you throw a ball, you’ll naturally load most of your weight on the right foot on the backswing and use your hips and legs on the downswing to rotate through into the finish.

Step 5: 50 to 100 Yard Shots
Don’t try to hit long shots. Stick with the 50 to 100-yard range. Your mantra for this drill could be:

“Swing As If Throwing A Ball”.

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George Watts

This post was lovingly morphed into reality by George. George is a scratch golfer, yoga teacher, and creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner which has 500+ golf practice drills to choose from. Drills are the best way to train the body to move naturally and athletically.