My Golf Practice Diary

Below is my golf video practice diary.

I’m the creator of the Golf Drills Practice Planner which has hundreds of professional golf practice drills to choose from. I hope that sharing my diary will help inspire you to keep your own diary.

Video Diary


Points I cover in the video: 

  • Ran to the gym (2.5 miles). So ran 5 miles in total and did a 2-hour gym session.
  • Addicted to TXR band exercises (great for golfers!).
  • I joined a no-frills gym that is open 24/7.
  • Fitness edge: my number one edge is to be the fittest guy on the senior tour.
  • Short game edge: my number two edge is to have a ridiculously good short game.
  • My main focus is showing up daily to a “disciplined fitness routine” at home and the gym.
  • The book “Grit” was the inspiration for embarking on my golfing journey.
  • Highly recommend reading Grit by Angela Duckworth.
  • Highly recommend reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.
  • Highly recommend reading Finding Ultra by Rich Roll.
  • David Goggin’s 40% Rule: most of us don’t use more than 40% of our physical capacity.
  • The path of least resistance: why it’s made our human species brilliant and lazy.
  • Being addicted to the Comfort Zone.
  • Increased cardio (running and spin at the gym) has dramatically increased my energy.
  • Getting disciplined with my Google Calendar (chunking/scheduling).
  • Show up to what I’ve “chunked” in my calendar (prevent decision fatigue).
  • 90% of success is planning the week and showing up (disciplined focus).
  • Wake up with a plan for the week/day (reduces pressure).
  • Long Swing fault: On the backswing, I move off the ball with my hips.
  • Keeping hips still on backswing increased 13 yards on my 7 iron shots.
  • Pitching fault: I was also moving off the ball with my hips.
  • Keeping hips still makes me feel much wider at top of the swing (generates more distance).

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