Ball Striking Coin Drill: Eliminate Fat Shots


The ball striking coin drill is from the Golf Practice Planner.

Ball Striking Coin Drill

Long Game Practice Drills

3 out of 10

5 minutes

Golf club. Coin. Golf Practice Planner.

The ball striking coin drill will improve your ball striking so you eliminate fats and thins from your game.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.


Step 2: Hit The Coin
Place a coin just beyond the ball.

Try to hit the coin as opposed to the ball when you strike the ground. This will teach you to hit down and take a divot after striking the ball. I

f you’re doing this as an “indoor golf drill”, get a doormat, imagine a ball on the mat, and try to strike a few inches in front of the imaginary ball.

Step 3: Keep Score
Hit 10 balls. Give yourself one point each time you felt that you hit the coin first.

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