I added the Annika Sorenstam Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because I love Annika’s swing, and it’s a move that most amateurs will get immediate results.

Annika Sorenstam Drill

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5 minutes

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The Annika Sorenstam Drill will teach you how to get through the ball like the tour pros. You’ll discover that the old adage of “keep your head down” is a complete swing wrecker.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Bad Follow Through
Most good amateurs have the problem of hooking and thinning the ball due to too much hand action through the ball.

You want to make sure your shoulders, hip, and head all keep turning through the ball. Most golfers, however, have a tendency to stop their hips and shoulders at impact which causes the club to start rolling through the ball (see image below).

Bad Follow Through Golf

Step 3: Hit The Ground
Practice hitting the ground at impact. Hitting the ground will help slow down the rolling of the hands (a good thing). Use the ground as your training aid in this drill.

Step 4: The Annika Formula
As you hit the ground allow your head to keep turning so you follow the ball with your eyes, like Annika Sorenstam (see image below).

Annika Sorenstam Golf Drill Get Through The Ball

This will help open up your hips and shoulders through the ball (a good thing!). You’re not lifting your head up. You’re turning the head. The “head-turning” verses “head rising up” sustains the all-important tilt in your downswing.

Step 5: 50-Yard Shots
Start out only hitting “50-yard shots” while focusing on the Annika Sorenstam move. You could say this mantra as you’re hitting a shot:

“Punch the ground and follow the ball”.

Once you’re comfortable with the 50-yard shots, increase the distance. Keep increasing the distances until you hit full, normal shots.

Step 6: Competitive Practice
Spend 5 minutes doing the drill. If you’re doing this at home, use a mirror so you can see the correct positions.

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