I added the Adam Scott Backswing Takeaway Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because the start of the backswing is such an important part of the swing.

Adam Scott Backswing Takeaway Drill

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The Adam Scott Backswing Takeaway Drill will teach you to start your swing with your “hands in” like the pros do. It will prevent you from making compensations in the downswing.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video below.

Step 2: Understand What a BAD Takeaway Looks Like
It’s important to understand what a BAD backswing takeaway is. See images below.

Bad Takeaway No. 1: Inside
When the club whips behind the body at the start of the backswing, that’s bad. This is commonly referred to as being “inside” or “under plane”. You’re going to make the rest of your swing far more difficult (see image below). 

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

Bad Takeaway No. 2: Disconnected
Below is the “disconnected” backswing takeaway which is the polar opposite of the “inside” backswing takeaway. The clubface has moved a long way outside of the hands. Both the “inside” and “disconnected” takeaways are BAD. 

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

Perfect Takeaway
Below is the perfect “hands in” takeaway. You want the middle way between inside and disconnected (the Buddha was definitely onto something with his middle way philosophy).

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

Step 3: Hands Inside Drill
Put an alignment stick in alignment with your toe line (see image below). 

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

Make sure the alignment stick is just outside of your takeaway (see image below). 

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

The alignment stick acts as a reference point. You’ll instantly know if you’ve gone too far inside or outside with your hands during the backswing takeaway. You want your hands and clubhead to be just outside the alignment stick (see image below).  

Adam Scott Takeaway Drill

Step 4: Competitive Practice
Do 10 swings with the perfect “hands in” takeaway using the alignment stick as a reference point. 

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