Smelly Socks Golf Impact Drill: Improve Impact


The smelly socks golf impact drill is from the Golf Practice Planner.

Smelly Socks Golf Impact Drill

Long Game Practice Drills

1 out of 10

5 minutes

Socks. Golf club. Golf Practice Planner.

The smelly socks golf impact drill will improve your impact position. Practice at home or in your hotel room. You just need a pair of socks to practice this drill.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.


Step 2: Sock It
Roll up a sock, so it’s round like a golf ball. Set up to the sock as if it’s a golf ball. Push the sock forward without taking a backswing, into a punch shot finish. The sock should fly straight. If you flipped at the ball, the sock won’t fly straight. This will help train your pro impact position.

Step 3: Keep Score
Hit 10 socks. Give yourself one point each the sock flies straight.

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