I added the Simon Dyson Feet Together Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because it’s one of those perennial, evergreen drills that never goes out of fashion. Simon Dyson was a star on the European Tour turned golf coach, and this drill is his secret sauce for brilliant balance.

Simon Dyson Feet Together Drill

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5 minutes

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The Simon Dyson Feet Together Drill will improve your balance.

It’s the go-to drill that Simon Dyson used when he was an amateur to stop swaying. With the “sway”, when his timing was off, he could spray the ball all over the place, especially under pressure.

Bringing the “feet together” allows the upper and lower body to work in sync with each other, which will give you your all-important timing back.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.

Step 2: Feet Together
Bring your feet together, and make some practice swings.

Simon Dyson Feet Together Drill

Step 3: Hit Shots With Feet Together
Do 10 Simon Dyson Feet Together shots. Give yourself one point each time you perform a shot with your feet together.

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