Rory McIlroy Bunker Drill


This Rory McIlroy bunker drill is from the Golf Practice Planner.

Rory McIlroy Bunker Drill

Wedge Practice Drills

4 out of 10

5 minutes

Sand wedge. Bunker. Golf Practice Planner.

The Rory McIlroy Bunker Drill is a simple way to improve your bunker play. There are two main bunker techniques/styles.

The old-school technique is “open face, aim left, and cut across it”, which works well (Jason Day uses this technique…click here to see it).

The modern-school technique is setting up “square and hitting a draw” from the sand. The ball will come out high and soft. The more skilled players tend to use the modern-school technique because it’s regarded to be more consistent.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.

Step 2: Draw Lines & Aim Right
Draw a straight line to the pin, and a perpendicular line (making a T). Place your left heel on the T (see image below).

Match the club shaft over the line drawn. Have your clubface open (more open than you think). The ball will come out on the “path” you swing, not on the face angle (so don’t worry…your open face won’t cause the ball to go right).

Aim right of the pin. This will encourage a draw motion.

Rory McIlroy Bunker Play Drill T Line

Step 3: Open Left Foot & Lean Forward
Open up your left foot and place 70% of your weight on the lead foot. Stay on the left side throughout the shot (don’t transfer weight back and through).

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