You’re On A Par 5. It’s Downwind. There’s Not A Lot Of Trouble Off The Tee. You Need To Hit It Hard And High. But Haven’t Got A Clue How. You Will If You Practice This Simple Drill!  


I added the Nick Faldo One Wrap Drill to the Golf Practice Planner today because I was itching to do some practice, and started thinking what’s the best way to hit the ball hard and high, because heck, hitting it high and hard is fun.

sir nick faldo drillsBy the end of the Nick Faldo One Wrap Drill, you’ll know how to hit it hard and high.

I have to admit to being a Faldo fan. Most professional golfers aren’t exactly interesting to listen to, but Faldo is. He’s funny, down-to-earth, and has timeless drills that are still as relevant today as they were decades ago.

The thing I like most about Sir Nick Faldo’s drills is that most of them aren’t technical. Really! I mean it. Faldo is regarded as the most technical player of all time, but the reality is that his drills are designed to banish any technical thoughts when he’s on the course. That’s why he won six major championships.

Okay. This bit I’m about to say to you is of critical importance. It’s so important that I’m gonna bold it for you…

The Nick Faldo One Wrap Drill is a TRIGGER, not a technical swing thought. There’s a quantum difference between the two. The “trigger” will set you free on the course, but the “technical thought” will put you in a mental prison and send your scores skyrocketing.

If you like this drill, don’t stop there!

Sir Nick Faldo personally liked two other drills when I posted them on my Twitter account. I know! Cool, isn’t it. It’s not every day the best British golfer of all time gives you a digital-like. But the drills are highly likable, so I understand why he liked them.

Okay, stop bragging George, and give them the two drills.

Sir Nick Faldo liked the Nick Faldo Golf Shot Nicknames Drill and the Nick Faldo One Club Challenge Run Drill. Hope you like them as well. 

Nick Faldo One Wrap Drill

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10 minutes

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Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.

Step 2: Number One And Wrap
Sometimes you’ll need to hit the ball hard and high. To do that use Sir Nick Faldo’s Number One And Wrap shot. The “number one” is the thought of staying behind the ball (instead of covering the ball with your body as for a normal shot). And “wrap” is to wrap the club as fully as you can around your neck (like Rory McElroy).

Step 3: Shot Nickname
Faldo gives his shots a nickname. You should too! Give this shot a nickname (e.g. “Number One And Wrap”). When on the course, and each time you practice the shot, silently call out the nickname you’ve given it (e.g. “Number One And Wrap”) to allow your subconscious to take over the shot.

Step 4: Keep Score
Hit 10 balls silently calling out the nickname shot (e.g. “Number One And Wrap”) as you hit the shot. Calling out the nickname during the shot will short circuit your thinking brain (a good thing!). Give yourself one point each time the shot felt effortless because you summoned up the nickname which activated your subconscious. You get no point if you became conscious and thought about technique.

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