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This Stunning Garden HypeDome Is Perfect For A Gym, Office Pod, Yoga & Meditation Pod, Putting Practice Pod, Stargazing Pod, Romantic Candlelit Outdoor Dining, Kids Playroom, And A Greenhouse Garden Pod. Ideal For All Family Members To Enjoy!


I’ve just ordered a HypeDome.

If you make it to the end of this post and want one, use my £100 discount code: GEORGEWATTS

Below are my reasons why I ordered it. If you’ve got room in your garden, and a few quid saved up, I have a hunch that you will want one too. So, if you haven’t got £3,000 under your mattress, I suggest you don’t read this.

The story starts as all stories currently do, with Covid.

Due to Covid, I found myself needing more space in our little cottage. More space for working, and more space for working out.

I then asked myself this question…

“Will it add value to my house?” 

After doing some research, I discovered the answer was a big “Yes!”

According to popular property personality Phil Spencer, a conservatory can add around 7% in value to your home.

My little cottage is valued at £150,000. That means by getting the HypeDome, which is essentially a cool-looking conservatory, I increased the value of my property by £10,500.

It only cost £3,000.

That means I made £7,500!

So, it wasn’t an expense. It was an investment.

I was going to get a traditional conservatory at the back of the cottage (we already have one in the front of the cottage that we spend 90% of our time in), but thankfully I stumbled across it on the web and was instantly smitten by the stunning dome.

I had already done lots of homework.

I’d spent countless hours looking at all the possible options. Domes, eco pods, conservatories, extensions, and Shephard huts were all options on the table. Speaking of tables, see the table below. I thought it might be helpful for you to see the options I was considering…

Garden Gym/Office Spaces

Type Cost Size  Country Assembly Time Self Assembly
HypeDome £3,000 7.6 ft high Worldwide 4 hours Yes
Eco Pod (large) £4,000 10×20 ft UK 0 hours No
Eco Pod (small) £2,192 10×10 ft UK 0 hours No
Full Glass Conservatory (Wickes) £12,000 13 X 17 Ft UK Weeks No
Lean-to Full Glass Conservatory (Wickes) £3,200 8 X 6 Feet UK Weeks No
Off-the-shelf Conservatory Kit £3000+ All sizes UK Weeks Yes
Shephard’s Hut £20,000 20ft UK 0 hours No


After doing my homework, I concluded the HypeDome:

  1. Looks way cooler than a boring conservatory
  2. Will be enjoyed by the whole family 365 days a year
  3. Adds £10,500 to the value of my cottage
  4. Saves me £9,000 from getting an expensive conservatory
  5. Performs better than a conservatory in all weathers
  6. Is a space that has more functions than a Swiss army knife
  7. Only takes 4 hours to assemble

Those 7 reasons persuaded me to get it, but I also needed to persuade my better-half.

Below are 7 more reasons that I gave my partner as to why the purchasing of a HypeDome was a no-brainer decision…just in case you need them for your partner

To be fully transparent with you, my partner gave me the thumbs up the moment she realized the price of our cottage would increase by £10,500! She could see that was infinitely better than the measly 1% interest we get from our savings account.

Your better-half, however, might need a bit more persuading…


1. How To Use Your HypeDome
Yoga & Meditation Zen Dome

HypeDome Yoga

The Covid-19 pandemic has made lots of people reevaluate the importance of cultivating a peaceful, tranquil, Zen-like state of mind.

The HypeDome makes an ideal Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation zone!

10 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga In Your Garden Yoga Dome

1. Improves posture 6. Listen to nature
2. Impress your yoga teacher 7. Watch nature
3. Do yoga with family & friends 8. Motivation to show up to your daily practice
4. Builds muscle strength 9. Dedicated yoga area
5. Boosts metabolism 10. Increases self-esteem


Taking yoga outdoors is an instant relief from feeling closed in and trapped by four walls. Pick up your yoga mat, unfurl it, and soak up the sun, the birds chirping, and the trees rustling.

Yoga in nature is about as good as it gets.

And if you’re a yoga teacher, like me, you can use it as a unique place to Zoom your online classes. If you’re a yoga teacher, talk to your tax adviser about how much tax you can claim on the purchase price of the HypeDome.


2. How To Use Your HypeDome
Save £3000 On Gym Membership Fees Within 4 Years

Hypedome discount code

A big reason for me getting a HypeDome was to have a stunning garden gym that inspired me to work out five times a week.

I asked myself this question…

Does your current indoor home gym inspire you to workout? 

The answer was a great big fat “No!”

My home gym was in the cold, damp garage. That is the reason I skip so many of my daily workouts. It’s a horrible, spiritless environment.

It’s far more inspirational to be outdoors.

Humans evolved outdoors, so it should be no surprise how connected — and dependent — our bodies and minds are to nature. Studies show that people who can see trees and grass from their hospital window recover faster. Kids that spend more time outside get higher test scores. The more trees a housing project has, the lower the crime rate.

Lao Tzu said it best…

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

It made more sense to me to set up the gym in the garden so I could be surrounded by nature as I improved my body, mind, and soul.

If you watch this video of the HypeDome, I promise you’ll be as hyped (forgive the pun) to get your own garden gym dome as I was


Gyms might be closed for extended periods of time with no set date to reopen.

Even when gyms reopen, they are expensive.

A typical family gym membership is £60 per month in most areas.

That’s £720 per year!

The HypeDome costs just under £3,000 if you use my coupon code at checkout. That means within four years you will have paid off the HypeDome in saved gym fees.

10 Benefits Of Having A Garden Gym

1. Save money on gym memberships 6. Listen to nature
2. Entire family can use it 7. Watch nature
3. Do workouts with family & friends 8. Motivation to show up
4. Play music you like 9. Dedicated area
5. Learn something on YouTube 10. Lower blood pressure


You can play any kind of music you like on a speaker, bring your laptop out and learn something on YouTube (e.g. time management habits) while on the treadmill, or even do workouts with your housemates or partner.

Instead of using what the gym provides, you get a dedicated area of your own to create a workout room tailored to your exercise preferences.


3. How To Use Your HypeDome
Romantic Dining With A View 

HypeDome Romantic Dining

What could be more romantic than a star-lit meal with wine?

Why is being romantic important?

It is the vital fuel that keeps a relationship moving forward. It keeps a relationship lively, exciting, and purposeful. Romantic outdoor dining will make you both feel desired, loved, and appreciated.

10 Benefits Of Being Romantic

1. Make you happier 6. Sleep better
2. Help you to live longer 7. Heal faster
3. Age more gracefully 8. Live longer
4. Reduce stress 9. Bolster immune system
5. Prevent heart attacks 10. Lower blood pressure


4. How To Use Your HypeDome

Hypedome stargazing

Stargazing is magical!

It really is.

There’s a very good reason that stargazing is on the rise as a trendy form of mindful meditation. It instantly helps people relieve stress and find inner silence.

Neill Sanders astrologer and founder of Go Stargazing, says visits to his website increased ten-fold during the lockdown. People are beginning to understand the power of slowing down and looking up.

10 Benefits Of Stargazing 

1. Slowing down 6. Fun staycations
2. Looking up 7. Social hobby (festivals)
3. Emotionally refreshing 8. Romantic
4. More interesting than Netflix 9. Connect to nature
5. Mind therapy 10. Stress reliever


According to more studies that you can throw a stick at, spending just 15 minutes sitting surrounded by nature can help you to feel emotionally refreshed.

Spending just 15 minutes stargazing is about the best mind therapy you can give yourself, and it’s much more interesting than binging on Netflix or Amazon Prime series.

With lockdown restrictions in place, traveling is not an option, but stargazing gives you the opportunity for daily “staycations” in your HypeDome.

Stargazing is romantic.

Really. It is!

In this over-digitized age of ours, stargazing together is delightfully bonding.

Look up and let Mother Nature take your breath away.

The great thing about stargazing is that there are lots of other friendly stargazers. There are lots of opportunities to meet and socialize with your fellow astrologers. There are stargazing festivals and groups all over the world.

So, you can legitimately tell your better-half that your new stargazing hobby is a great way to meet new and interesting people.


5. How To Use Your HypeDome
Garden Office

HypeDome Garden Office

Working from home is now the norm. And that’s a good thing if your office is a magical garden dome!

10 Benefits Of Working From A Garden Office

1. Save money 6. Wear cozy clothes
2. Save time 7. No office distractions
3. Save the environment 8. No traffic
4. More productive 9. No crowds
5. Custom environment 10. More time with loved ones


With a garden dome office, you get amazing views and all the health benefits of being out in nature. I don’t know about you, but I used to get quite down after spending 8 hours a day trapped in my work cubicle. Kinda felt like a prison to me.

If you are looking for a garden office, the space in the HypeDome garden pod is large enough to fit a desk and other office furniture comfortably. Because the exterior is made from polycarbonate panels with a clever fish scale design, you can rest assured that all of your home office supplies inside will stay completely dry.

Whether it’s conference calls or some much needed quiet time to work on your critical projects, this area is the perfect atmosphere to be productive. Just run a power cord line from under the pod, hook up all your equipment, and get to work!


6. How To Use Your HypeDome
Putting Practice

HypeDome Putting Practice

Admittedly if your partner isn’t a golfer, this will be a tough sell.

Your partner probably won’t see the allure of having an outdoor putting green, but it’s worth a try. You can explain that a normal outdoor putting green would cost well over £10,000, but all you need is the Putt Out Complete Putting Studio which is less than £150.

So, in reality, you’re saving the family budget £7,000.

You have to say that with a straight face, and practice saying it a few dozen times in front of a mirror to make sure your face is indeed straight, and no smile creases appear in the corner of your mouth.

The good news is that you can choose from dozens of putting drills if you got your golf-callused hands on my Golf Practice Planner.

10 Benefits Of A Practicing Putting In Your Dome

1. Practice makes perfect 6. Listen to nature (like being on the course)
2. Quickest way to improve your scores 7. Watch nature (like being on the course)
3. Like having an outdoor putting green 8. Improve your putting in the off-season
4. The Putting Studio is affordable 9. The Putting Studio is moveable
5. Practice putting in all weathers 10. Instant feedback using Putting Studio mirror and gates


7. How To Use Your HypeDome
Greenhouse Garden Pod

Greenhouse Garden Pod

If you have a green thumb, your garden dome could also be used as a greenhouse to grow food year-round. No matter which plants you want to grow, a heater can be added as needed to keep your vegetation growing through the winter months. Start growing so you can reduce the number of trips to the local market.

10 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Veg

1. Improve your health 6. Get Vitamin D from the sun
2. Save money on groceries 7. Fun to watch them grow
3. Get outdoor exercise 8. Better for the environment (no long-distance transportation)
4. Gardening is a natural stress reliever 9. No chemical pesticides
5. Freshly grown veg is scrummy 10. Waste less food when you grow your own



That wraps up my review.

Though, if you have any questions please check out the FAQs below.



Do you have a coupon code? 

HypeDome Coupon 100 poundsFind out more about the HypeDome here. Discount coupon: to receive £100.00 / €110.00 discount and free delivery (UK & EU), use this coupon code at checkout: GEORGEWATTS

What’s in the box?

• 100+ numbered & letter-coded UV-protected polycarbonate panels
• Complete set of screws and cap nuts
• Aluminium entrance frame kit
• Rollable membrane zip door
• Ground anchoring pins or deck screws (depending on choice)
• Assembly Toolkit: Ratchet socket, screwdriver bits, hex key (Allen wrench)
• Installation & Maintenance Manuals + Warranty Card
• Cleaning Kit incl. hand washer with a sponge, microfiber cleaning cloth
• Openable ventilation panel (optional)
• Sail shade (optional)

How long does it take to deliver? 

After making an order, a HypeDome member will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and confirm your purchase and delivery details. The current lead times for European customers including delivery are 1 – 2 weeks, 2 – 3 weeks for North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), and 3 – 4 for the rest of the world.

What is the capacity of the Hypedome?

Recommended capacity: up to 6 people seated at a round table.

Values listed below are for maximum dome capacity:

  • up to 8 people seated at a round table
  • up to 8 people seated at sofas & chairs
  • up to 8 people seated at a rectangular table
  • up to 8 kids playing
  • up to 10 people standing next to cocktail tables
  • up to 12 people standing / no furnishings

Is it rain resistant?

Yes! Thanks to a clever design inspired by fish-scale, water flows down the surface of the HypeDome, keeping the interior completely dry.

Is it wind resistant?

Yes, when built and anchored to the ground or decking, HypeDome can resist even violent winds. It is based on a geodesic dome concept which makes it structurally rigid and distributes the structural.

Is it equipped with a door?

Yes. A 100% clear, rollable, elegant membrane zip-door is provided with the HypeDome. It can be easily secured in an open or close position or completely detached if required. You can also lock it.

Is it easy to assemble? 

Yes. Assembly of the HypeDome requires two people and takes on average 4 hours to complete. All tools and manuals required for assembly are provided together with the kit. You will need a 3m tall ladder during the assembly and dismantle.

Can I easily dismantle the dome?

Yes. You can derig/dismantle the dome when required, store it in provided boxes and build it again in the future.

Can it withstand extreme weather conditions? 

Yes. You will find yourself in your HypeDome all year round, including the winter months, and the middle of summer.

Is a base/flooring provided? 

No. With every purchase, however, they provide detailed plans and drawings of their recommended deck design, including a list of materials that will be required.

Does it require any maintenance?

HypeDome requires minimum maintenance. To keep it in a good shape clean it with a lukewarm water and cleaning kit provided.

Does it come with a warranty? 

Yes. HypeDome is covered with a 2-years warranty against any manufacturing defects. The expected lifespan of the HypeDome is 15+ years.

Has it won any awards? 

HypeDome is the recipient of the following two 2020 A+ Architizer Awards:

Award Jury Winner
Selected by the best architects, interior and product designers.

Popular Choice Award
By public vote, design practitioners, and enthusiasts around the globe.

Has it been featured in the media? 

Yes. HypeDome has been featured in several local and national media outlets including here in The Times.

Can it be used for more than one purpose at the same time? 

Yes! In the post above I’ve listed seven ways to use a HypeDome in your garden. My dome uses all seven of them, sometimes in one day!

It’s a yoga and meditation space.

It’s a gym.

I have romantic star-lit meals with my partner in it.

I purchased a telescope and do a little stargazing almost every night (it’s freakin’ addictive seeing those twinklin’ stars close up).

I use it as an office.

I unfurl my Putting Studio and diligently do my putting practice.

And I have several vegetable plants (mainly cucumbers and several varieties of salad) inside soaking up the sun getting big, juicy, and tasty.


There’s no denying that the HypeDome is cool as “The Fonze”.

It looks amazing.

It’ll put way more value on your house than what you paid for it, so it’s an investment, not an expense. It has more uses than a Swiss army knife. Your family will love it.

And probably best of all, your neighbours will be green with envy.

Coupon Code: Save £150

HypeDome Coupon 100 poundsFind out more about the HypeDome here. Discount coupon: to receive £150.00 / €175.00 discount and free delivery (UK & EU), use this coupon code at checkout: GEORGEWATTS

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