Wedge Nine Ball Flights Drill: Unleash Your Creativity


The Wedge Nine Ball Flights drill is from the Golf Practice Planner.

Wedge Nine Ball Flights Drill

Distant Wedges Practice Drills

9 out of 10

15 minutes

Wedges. Flagstick (or golf stick). Feet to measure off distances. Golf Practice Planner.

Builds creativity with your wedge play.


Step 1: Watch
Watch the video.


Step 2: Pick A Distance
Pick a distance from 30 to 120 yards. Measure off the distance on the practice ground, and put a golf stick at that distance (e.g. 50 yards).

Step 3: Choose A Club
Select the appropriate wedge (e.g. 52-degree wedge).

Step 4: Nine Ball Flights
Gather 9 balls into a pile. Play the 9-ball flights drill: Low Draw (LD), Mid Draw (MD), High Draw (HD), Low Straight (LS), Mid Straight (MS), High Straight (HS), Low Fade (LF), Mid Fade (MF), High Fade (HF).

nine wedge ball flights drill golf

Step 5: Keep Score
Track how many shots it takes for each ball flight (e.g. 3 shots to hit a high draw). Also, track how many shots it takes to do all 9-ball flights (e.g. 22 shots).

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