Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Review: Having a rangefinder used to be for Tour Pros or really good amateurs. That’s no longer the case!

Everyone who plays golf would instantly benefit from using a good rangefinder. Bushnell Golf has been top of the game for good quality golf rangefinders, and the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder is one of their best.

Bushnell TourV5 Shift Product Review


I’ve added over 500 golf drills to Golf Practice Planner, so I’ve become good at picking drills that can improve your practice, your game, and your scores.

Today, I’m giving a review for the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift.

Why am I doing the review?

I don’t normally do product reviews. This after all isn’t a product review site. It’s a site filled with golf practice drills, but my aim is to help improve your golf game! If I can improve your golf game, I will go to the grave a happy man.

The quickest way to improve your scores

I think using a rangefinder is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your scores.


Sometimes in life, less is more.

Sometimes in life, the easy way is also the best way.

Using a rangefinder requires absolutely zero effort, and is 100% guaranteed to improve your game. Having a rangefinder in your bag is the biggest no-brainer in all of golf.

“There isn’t one single touring golf professional, whether he or she is on the USA, European, or Asian tours, who doesn’t use a rangefinder. Not one.”

Think about that for a moment.

Think about it a bit longer.

Aha Sound

I predict that an “Aha” sound is now reverberating and dinging around in your head!

That “Aha” sound is the realization that the rangefinder, especially the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift, is one of the hidden secrets to better golf. You pick the little red thing up, get the exact yardage, and hit the shot with 100% confidence that you’ve got the correct yardage.

No wonder the pros love it!

And so will you.

What practice drills can I use a rangefinder with?

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift isn’t just an amazing tool to use on the course.

Oh, no. No. No. No. No.

It’s far more than that.

All top pros use a rangefinder when they are on the Practice Range to get exact yardages. For example, you can use the rangefinder when practising the distance wedge control drill, find your favourite wedge yardage drill, and the wedge nine ball flights drill.

Why pro golfers choose a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder over a GPS unit, and you should too!

Having a rangefinder used to be for Tour Pros or really good amateurs.

That’s no longer the case!

The rangefinder has become the most important tool in everyone’s bag, including 36 handicappers. Having a rangefinder has become so important that if you had to choose between paying for a driver or a range finder, I’d get down on my knees and implore you to opt for the rangefinder.


Let’s hear what PGA tour pro, Ben Crane has to say about why he uses a Bushnell Rangefinder


ben crane“The way we play golf, we play to spots. We don’t play to areas. That’s why you’re not going to GPS out here (on Tour). When a pin is in a certain place, say in the back left, we’re trying to shoot short and right of that pin most of the time to give ourselves the best opportunity to miss the shot and still end up with a putt for birdie. We’re always trying to pick our spots. My caddie, Brett and I, always say: ‘This is the number to the pin, but this is the number we want to play to’. We have a play number, and we have a certain number to the right and left of the hole we’re playing. So, we’re always picking spots. If we’re picking an area, then we’re going to hit it in an area. We’re trying to hit specific spots and we’re able to do that with the Bushnell Rangefinder because it gives us the exact number to the spot we’re going to. – Ben Crane (PGA Tour Pro)


Now let’s hear what PGA tour caddie, Brett Waldman has to say about why he uses a Bushnell Rangefinder


Brett Waldman“GPS just isn’t as accurate. I don’t think any of us would rely on a satellite up in the sky versus something that we can physically use such as this laser, to shot at exactly what it is we need. For myself, if I’m shooting the laser, I’m going to trust that yardage versus the GPS. I have had a GPS side by side with me, and they’ve been four to seven yards off. So, I’m not going to give my guy four to seven yards off. If I do that I’d get fired.  – Brett Waldman (PGA Tour Caddie)

Thank you, Ben and Brett, for your words of wisdom!


Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Review

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Bushnell Tour V5 Shift: Golf Rangefinder

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Overall Rating

5 star golf rating

European Launch
29 January 2020

Top 15 Features

  • Improved SLOPE algorithm
  • Slope-Switch Technology
  • Improved speed & ranging capabilities
  • Visual JOLT
  • Bushnell BITE
  • Positive locking switch
  • Easy update Y/M button
  • Fully rubber front face for easy grip
  • Coated lenses to avoid solar burn
  • Upgraded carry case
  • Water-resistant
  • 2-Year warranty
  • 3-Volt CR2 battery included
  • 6x Magnification
  • Upgraded carry case included

Stand Out Feature
The stand out feature for me is Bushnell’s BITE technology. The BITE magnetic mount allows the laser rangefinder to be secured to a golf buggy without the need for any aftermarket accessories. With 7lbs of pull strength, golfers can be assured their rangefinder will stay put.

Run Away Screaming Feature
It’s certainly not the cheapest golf gadget you’ll ever buy. If money is a bit tight, save up for one, but it’s not worth getting into debt over. If you’re in debt, my advice is to run screaming in the oppositive direction. When you’ve paid off your debt, and saved up £359, stop running and buy it.

Video Review

Written Review

Bushnell: The Rangefinder Bigwigs

Today, we’re going to look at the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder which is a new offering for 2020.

If you guys are golfers and have followed the game for any period of time, you know Bushnell golf are the leaders. It’s unequivocal. They’re the leaders in this space, the leaders in rangefinders, and they’ve got two new products this year: the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift rangefinders that we’re going to dive into.

Let’s take a closer look at the Tour V5 Shift

Slope Feature: Gives You The True Yardage For the Shot

The first thing you may notice, a few years ago Bushnell came out with their slope feature.

What the slope feature allows you to do is instantly calculate whether the shot is going up or down the hill, which gives you the true yardage for the shot.

TourV5 Shift Slope Feature

Bushnell has a proprietary algorithm they use to calculate that slope, and with the Tour V5 series, they’ve completely revamped that algorithm to match current ball flights and current playing conditions. So, this is the most up-to-date algorithm for calculating slope on the market.

One of the issues that people have had in the past is that to switch from slope to non-slope required you to go into the settings.

A few years ago they changed this to a switch.

And this year it’s easier than ever!

There’s a little switch on the side that has the Bushnell B on it. Slide it to “black” for slope off. Slide it to red for slop on. Superslick. Super easy.

Yards & Meter Switch

You used to have to go into settings to switch from yards to meters.

They’ve now made it super simple.

TourV5 Shift Yards Meters Feature

There’s a button on the side for yards to meters, so whether or not you’re playing Stateside in yards, or Europe in meters, it allows you to super easily switch between yards and meters.

BITE Technology: Powerful Inner Magnet

With Bushnell, they’ve found a way to develop the best rangefinder in golf year after year after year.

A rangefinder has a very simple purpose.

I want to know how far it is from me to that pin, or me to that tree, or me to the edge of that bunker. But Bushnell has continued to find ways to innovate and this year they’ve done so with something as old as time itself, a magnet they call their patented BITE technology integrated into the rangefinder.

TourV5 Shift Bite Feature

What’s beautiful about this BITE technology is that you don’t have to be messing around in your bag to get your rangefinder out.

If you’re playing with buddies and you’ve got a cart, place it anywhere on the cart. It’s got seven pounds of strength which makes it stick like glue. It’s not going anywhere.

It becomes part of the cart.

This integrated BITE technology is a super huge thing for convenience when you’re out on the golf course, especially if you’re just playing a casual round of golf. It’s nice to have the convenience of a product like this.

JOLT Technology Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations

The final thing I want to discuss with this product is the JOLT technology.

If you’re familiar with Bushnell at all, you already know JOLT technology. JOLT technology is very simple. When you shot the pin with the rangefinder, for years you wouldn’t know for sure whether you were getting the bush, the tree, or the pin.


TourV5 Shift Jolt Vibrations Feature

Bushnell has integrated technology called JOLT that locks in the pin, and the second you get that pin to lock, it gives you feedback through your hands with a couple of really soft vibrations.

The Beach Boys said it best…

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations.”

Visual Affirmation & Improving Your Mental Game

TourV5 Shift Jolt Feature

Bushnell has now upgraded the vibrations with the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift to where now you actually get visual affirmation as well.

When you lock into that pin, you get the same JOLT technology in your hand, but you’re also going to see a red ring appear around the perimeter of the lens, giving you visual confirmation that you’ve locked onto your target.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure if you’re going to hit the shot 138 hards it better be to the pin, and not the tree in the distance.

Visual affirmation is a cool way to integrate the mental game. Your “eyes” see the red ring and have immediate visual affirmation of the exact distance to your target. That means you can hit your shot with 100% confidence!

Sleek & Compact

Another thing with the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift series is that they promote the sleekest most compact package on the market.

TourV5-Shift Sleek Compact

If you think back 10 years if you’ve been using rangefinders for that long, you’ll remember the ones that almost felt like binoculars.

It felt you were a bird-watcher, instead of a golfer.

They were big.

They were clunky. Kinda hard to fit in your bag.

Not anymore!

Your First Go With The Rangefinder 

Firstly, when you receive your sleek Bushnell Tour V5 Shift, watch the video near the top of this page. It’s a good overall review.

TourV5 Shift First Go

Secondly, I recommend you practice on large targets that are within 100 yards of you. Do this now. Go outside your house. Take aim at a large object (e.g. a tree or house). Check the yardage by walking it off.

Thirdly, when you get to the course, practice shooting the laser onto pins that are within 100 yards. If the driving range has flags, take your laser rangefinder to the range and practice shooting the flags.

Start with the closest flags and progress to the flags that are further away. Target the flag at the top of the pin. The laser can lock onto the flag much more easily.

Most driving ranges with flags will have yardages clearly identifiable (e.g. 150 yards) so that you can verify your distance.


What’s the biggest difference between Tour V5 Shift and Tour V5

The biggest difference between the Tour V5 Shift and Tour V5 is that the “shift” is the one that has slope integrated into it. So, if you do not see yourself using “slope” at all, and you don’t want to pay the extra money, go with the Tour V5. If, however, you’re someone who likes using the “slope” for practice rounds or out playing scrambles with your buddies, the Tour V5 Shift is the product for you.

Can the slope feature be disabled for competition play?


Do you think it’s worth paying extra for the Shift version? 

Yes. If you have the budget. The clinchers for me where the nifty magnet (BITE technology), and the amazing slope technology that changes the distance based on the elevation. It’s like magic.

What’s the carry case like?

The carry case has been redesigned and is a hit with me. It’s now a vibrant orange and grey colour. Even the fastening strap has been improved so that it’s easier to open and close it. That’s may seem like an insignificant detail, but it’s a big deal. You’ll need to get the rangefinder out dozens of times in a round of golf, and if it’s difficult to get in and out of the carry case, that’s dozens of times you’ll be slightly annoying on the course. Bushnell wants you nice and calm over the ball, to give you the best chance of hitting your best shot!

Is it rainproof? 

Yes, which is very handy when playing in the rain, which is most of the time if you live in the UK.

What is its range? 

More than you’ll ever need! It has an impressive range of 400+ yards to pinpoint your target.

How quickly does it return the yardage? 

Its Fast Focus system returns yardages almost instantly. When you Look down the viewfinder, there’s a cinematic look which makes it super easy to focus on a specific target way in the distance. That means you’ll be able to spot the flag on long approach shots, or if you want the distance remaining when playing a layup because you’ve sliced it into the trees. Psssst. If you’ve got a slice, you might like our anti-slice downswing drill, or closed stance Jason Dufner drill, or even the three-ball drill to stop coming over the top.

Why is the BITE technology so cool? 

The inner magnetic allows golfers to attach the laser to their trolley or buggy magnetically without the need for any cases or clips. Why is that so ding dang wonderful? It means you can quickly and easily access it when on course, instead of fiddling around with the case.

Will I feel like a pro when using it? 

Yes, because you’ll be playing to “spots”, instead of areas and that’s what pros do. But let us not forget that pros like to look good. That’s not because they are vain. If they look good, they feel good. You will look and feel good when using this device. The black, grey, and red colour scheme is bang on the money. It looks premium and professional, and so will you when you pick it up.

Will it help me when I play courses that I’ve never played? 

That’s a big affirmative YES. The enhanced accuracy via the new algorithm will help you understand the changes in distance elevation creates during rounds at unfamiliar courses when you’re only able to eyeball the terrain.

What are your main pros and cons?


  • The nifty magnet
  • Really easy to use
  • Market-leading speed
  • You’ll look and feel like a pro
  • Discover how far you hit shots with each club
  • Good improvement on the Tour V4


  • Expensive for most golfers


Bushnell has continued to make their products more sleek and convenient year after year. This product, to date, is the sleekest and simplest product we’ve seen.

It’s small.

It fits in your hand.

It’s comfortable.

It’s light. It’s only 8 ounces.

Comes with a 3-volt lithium battery, and a limited warranty for two years.

When you’re talking about using a product for each shot, each round of golf, having something that is sleek and easy to use is a big plus, and Bushnell definitely hit it out of the park this time.

So, if you’re looking to add Bushnell to your bag, maybe you’ve been a Bushnell fan your whole life, maybe you’re just looking to join the tribe, the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is a great product.

You can get the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift today for only £359

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